Student Athlete to Competent Professional with Amanda Brown

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In this episode, we are joined by Amanda Brown, who is Assistant Director of Career Enhancement & Employer Relations at Northwestern and has held a number of other interesting and meaningful positions at other colleges.

In our chat, we get to hear from Amanda about her years coming up and how she worked her way to her current position at NU. Our guest tells us about the importance of intentionality and curiosity in her career and life path and how she has used goal setting to her advantage. We also chat talk about ambition, trust, self-care, habit building and Amanda is generous enough to share a moment of disappointment from which she learned a big lesson.

For all this and much more be sure to tune in and hear what our wonderful guest has to say!

Key Topics:

  • Amanda’s background, studies and work leading up to her position at Northwestern. (2:40)

  • The importance of intentionality and curiosity in progression. (7:52)

  • The sense of urgency and goal setting that has played a key role in Amanda’s success. (9:09)

  • Balancing ambition with the attitude of team work and being a strong team member. (10:41)

  • Building a trusting and mutual relationship with a senior colleague or coach. (11:47)

  • A moment of disappointment that Amanda experienced interviewing at the AVCA. (13:01)

  • Burnout prevention and self care through simple means. (15:53)

  • Some impactful lessons Amanda has tried to impart on her student athletes. (17:35)

  • Two key habits that have helped Amanda along her path. (19:49)

  • The area of growth around control and when to relinquish it. (22:08)

  • Amanda’s own interpretation and understanding of the word ‘influence’. (24:01)

  • The advice Amanda might give to a younger version of herself. (25:44)

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Hard-hitting Quotes:

“After I graduated in 2008 it was during the peak of the recession, so jobs were very scarce and it was a really challenging time.” (1:56)

“It was a perfect fit for my personality, for my skillsets and for my passion and interests.” (7:12)

“I think the biggest thing for me is being intentional and being curious.” (7:56)

“I always try to find a way to set goals outside of work.” (9:21)

“I think it’s really important to make sure that your personal goals align with the team goals that you are a part of.” (10:42)

“You have the power to carve your path.” (18:18)

“I just have to let go of some of these things and it’s going to work itself out.”(22:15)

“I think influence, to me, means investing.” (24:03)

“If you are not genuine and not fully bought into them as a person, it’s not going to have the same type of impact that it could.” (24:54)

“In college athletics the great thing about what we do is that we get to serve so many people but
sometimes we forget to serve ourselves. I think it’s just really important for us, is to step back and whether that’s once a week or once day, whatever you feel like is needed for you, to step back and take care of your self.” (16:28)

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