Lift While You Climb With DT Shackelford

Welcome to the Reach Your Prime Podcast! On today’s show we welcome DT Shackelford, motivational speaker, doctoral candidate, and former linebacker for the University of Mississippi. His self asserted role as servant leader is something that he wishes to inspire in more young people with whom he speaks.

He is an award winner, both as speaker and athlete and has a host of valuable lessons to share in our discussion. In our conversation we cover DT’s earlier and college years up until his second ACL injury. DT unpacks the importance and difficulty of this event and how his mindset and faith helped him to transcend these troubled waters. We discuss the important role of coaches, on and off the field and DT gives a large amount of credit to his supportive and loving wife. The conversation also covers humility and perspective and many more inspiring ideas. So for all this and much more, be sure to listen in!

Key Topics:

  • DT’s background and college years. (1:47)

  • The two ACL surgeries that DT had to undergo. (3:46)

  • An inside look at DT’s mindset at the time of his second ACL injury. (7:34)

  • The inspiration that DT has taken from the characters in the Bible.(10:55)

  • The role of coaches and the vital part they play in development. (12:35)

  • Possible negative effects of being a young student athlete. (17:21)

  • Maintaining perspective through mindset and company. (21:36)

  • Remaining humble and practicing humility in the pursuit of excellence. (26:15)

  • Lifting while you climb! (33:25)

  • Some information on DT’s PhD and what he hopes to achieve with it. (34:14)

And much more!

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Hard-hitting Quotes:

“That kind of motivated me to become more impactful off the field and on the field.” (2:56)

“My ability to overcome obstacles was tested heavily, because this was something that I identify
with.” (4:31)

“My sophomore year in high school, I felt like that was an opportunity for me to really define, not
only myself, but the trajectory of my family.” (8:26)

“Specifically me being ground in Christ, I understand that although these were tough situations,
He gave me some equipment along the way so that when I did meet that tough time I was able
to withstand it and keep going.” (11:23)

“When you talk about the intersectionality of racial and athletic identities, I’m square in the
middle of it.” (18:39)

“There’s two classifications of people in life, they are either charging stations or draining stations.” (22:01)

“I keep people around me that sharpen my pencil and sharpen my thoughts. And not anyone that takes the lead out.” (22:43)

“My doctorate degree has been much more like a crock pot than a microwave.” (34:18)

“We filling up stadiums on Saturday, do we get that same attention on that Monday in that classroom?” (35:23)

“One of the things that I speak about in my dissertation is racial and athletic identity. And one of
the things that I struggled with was that athletic identity, like how do I redefine myself? How do I
do it?” (4:38)

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