Develop Habits First with Celine Mangan

Welcome back to the Reach Your Prime Podcast! This week we are so lucky to have the wonderful Celine Mangan as our guest and we cannot wait to share this conversation with all of our listeners!

Celine is the Membership Coordinator at Women Leaders in College Sports and she is here to tell us all about her experiences in her career and what has helped her get where she is today.

We discuss her childhood and early college years before delving into the jobs she did before moving into her current position. Celine opens up about vital skills that she treasures, what it means to ‘own it’ and how she maintains balance in her life. We also talk about her future and how she has dealt with pressure on and off the field. For all and much more be sure not to miss this inspiring episode!

Key Topics:

A little of Celine’s background, early years and starting at Women Leaders. (1:35)

Celine’s experience as a student-athlete at Notre Dame. (4:59)

The step up to working at Western Illinois University. (6:24)

Starting out and integrating into her job at Women Leaders. (8:02)

The skills that Celine views as being vital to her so far. (10:52)

The concept of ‘owning it’ and what this means to Celine. (11:34)

Staying balanced and healthy in a busy and demanding job. (12:30)

Celine imagines her career trajectory and discusses her hopes. (15:08)

Dealing with pressure inside and outside of sport. (17:17)

The last thing Celine would tweet if she had to. (19:37)

Celine’s essential course that she wishes was mandatory for everyone. (20:58)

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