Progress Over Perfection with Alvin Hines

Alvin Hines is the Assistant Athletic Director of Development at Florida Atlantic University. Alvin was a two-sport student athlete, competing in both baseball and football, and was even drafted by the Washington Nationals at the age of 18, so he knows a thing or two about the game!

Despite being scouted by the Nationals, Alvin made the mature decision of pursuing his education and the future he saw as solid and went on to college athletics before taking up his current position off the field.

In our conversation we go deep with Alvin, getting into his philosophy on preparation, self-belief and learning from failures. As his own career trajectory has shown, Alvin places great importance on education and crafting a well-rounded and secure future, a lesson that we at Prime U fully applaud.

He really stresses the value of weighing the long-term gain and impact when assessing opportunities and believes that there are lessons to be learned from every experience.



Key Topics:


A brief introduction to Alvin and his student athletics pursuits and career. (1:56)

Alvin’s experience as a two-sport athlete. (4:39)

When Alvin was drafted by the Washington Nationals! (7:00)

The contributing factors to Alvin’s decision-making capabilities. (10:39)

Preparation, preparation, preparation. (13:28)

What to compare your performance to. (20:45)

Taking the lessons from the field into the rest of life. (22:51)

The lessons we can take from failure and the levels of learning. (25:07)

Comparing the present to a younger version of ourself. (30:22)

Alvin’s final thoughts on growth opportunities. (34:14)

How to connect with Alvin. (41:59)

And much more!


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Hard-hitting Quotes:


“Growing up, I played both. I actually started off with baseball.” (4:45)


“It was exhausting but it taught me a lot!” (6:30)


“Baseball was definitely my love.” (7:07)


“Just going through sports, it teaches you so much.” (10:40)


“Don’t give up education over money.” (11:50)


“You obviously had to have been able to do some things to get to this moment. SO this is not the time for you to doubt.” (16:32)


“No one owes you anything. So one of the biggest things that I have learned is that if you want it, you’re going to have to go and get it.” (30:48)


“It’s having perspective on who you are and what is going to truly help you be successful.” (32:17)


“In those moments there is so much growth, there is learning right? There were times when I was younger in my first few jobs, I’m asking people what they’re doing. I’m asking people why, the question why. I think finding out the question why sometimes tells you so much more than just a quick little snapshot that you see.” (34:46)


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