From Coaching to Athlete Development with Kaeman Mitchell

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During this episode, we chat to Kaeman Mitchell who is the L.O.P.E.S. For Life Coordinator at Grand Canyon University. His passion is helping student-athletes reach there full potential, something that he has carried through from his former career as a college football coach. After years as both a college player and then coach, Kaeman made the transition to student athletic development where he could continue to focus on all these things he loved best about coaching while still having time and energy for his family and personal life.

We hear from Kaeman about this change and the lessons he has learned over the course of his career. We chat about focus, balance, inspiration and he gives us great insight into what breeds success and strength of character on and off the field. Kaeman assures us that for him the joy is in the journey and that success is in life is about winning where your feet are–there’s some powerful wisdom in that.



Key Topics:

The reasons that Kaeman decided to go into coaching after playing. (2:00)

A particular highlight from Kaeman’s coaching career. (3:02)

The non-stop nature of the job of coaching college football. (3:55)

The transition Kaeman made out of coaching into athlete development. (5:04)

Kaeman’s advice to ambitious young people regarding their passions. (7:18)

The approach that Kaeman uses in his day to day work currently. (9:20)

Maintaining inspiration and the quality over time. (11:32)

Staying relevant and how Kaeman’s keeps up with current trends. (13:19)

The ability to say no and stay focussed on what is important. (14:56)

Balancing work and family life especially when your work is your passion. (17:16)

How Kaeman has grown in comfort and stature in his job. (19:06)

Kaeman’s choice of where he would invest his money. (22:02)

Why Kaeman wishes there was a course on human decency. (23:12)

The joy in the journey and embracing the path. (24:15)

And much more!


Interact with Kaeman Mitchell:

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Hard-hitting Quotes:

“I just always knew this is what I want to do.” (2:15)


“The thing that I loved the most was the relationship with the guys. Building that camaraderie.” (5:06)


“Think about what you like to do that brings you joy.” (7:25)


“Just trying to get feedback from a lot of people, kind of keeps me driven and motivated.” (12:39)


“Always make time for yourself.” (16:22)


“The joy is in the journey.” (24:50)


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