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In this episode, we welcome Vince Pierson, who is currently the Director of Diversity and Inclusion in Minor League Baseball.

Vince is here to share his lessons and habits for success and growth and inspire some thought and action in our ambitious listeners!

In his work, Vince aims to bridge gaps and open hearts, eyes, and minds, broaden the horizons and possibilities of everyone involved.

We chat about the specifics of his job and his thoughts on D and I and why it should not become an abstract concept that we cannot see.

We also chat about  Vince’s goals and strategies to reach these and he stresses the importance of finding your own path of what works for you.

Some of the major takeaways from the episode are dealing with your emotions head-on, realizing the importance of relationships and connections to people, why reading is very important but can be abused and trusting instincts.

For a great conversation with a great young leader, be sure to tune in!


Key Topics:

An introduction to Vince and the work he does in the Minor League. (1:31)

Keeping diversity and inclusion tactile, present and concrete. (2:40)

Vince’s work in compliance and the lessons he has carried forward from this time. (5:33)

The specific work that Vince does in his job in the Minor League. (8:12)

The importance of goals in helping Vince reach and grow. (11:44)

Honing and controlling our emotions and staying honest. (14:31)

Growing patience and standing firm and being intentional. (17:19)

Trusting your instincts and steering clear of paralysis by analysis. (20:12)

Vince’s personal and daily goals for which he strives. (22:27)

Something that not many people know or see about Vince. (26:51)

Staying focused and saying no in order to stick to priorities. (27:42)

How Vince has continued to be kind and graceful with himself through difficulties. (29:21)

Final thoughts from Vince. (31:01)

And much more!

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Tweetable Quotes:

“That’s what we’re doing, is really opening hearts eyes and minds.” (2:58)


“There’s so many different opportunities to really show your stuff and let your talent be seen.” (4:43)


“I just became more cognizant, started to pay attention and ask more questions.” (6:33)


“There is not a single person in a single community that we can’t talk to.” (8:56)


“I do sit down and make goals.” (11:49)


“Emotionally, I have always thought myself to be very level headed.” (14:36)


“We want to always make sure we are being productive.” (20:33)


“I really inherited a blank canvas in terms of what we wanted to do, we being Minor League, with our diversity an issue. The first thing I thought we needed to do was establish our metrics. I think leadership knew we wanted to do better and I think it was time for us to define what better meant.” (9:06)


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