Our Services:


#1: Keynote Presentations 

Who: College Students, Young Professionals, Coaches, and Higher Education Administrators

Where: Student Workshops, Leadership Conferences, Corporate Events

Previous Speaking topics:

  • What To Do When Your Best Isn’t Enough” - Well-Being, Overcoming Anxiety, and Stress Management Under Pressure

  • “Sports, Culture, and Connection” - How to Build Trust With Gen Z Students & Employees

  • Additional Topics available upon request to meet the specific needs of your group

Our engaging Keynote Presentations are 45 minutes to 1-hour long with pre/post small group Q&A session options and open availability throughout the day for informal conversations or individual meetings with participants or groups.


#2: Student development workshops 

Who: High School & College Student Groups

Why: Our goal is to successfully help students with the navigation of their chosen educational, sporting and professional paths. We work with school programs already in place and tailor our curriculum to support in meeting student needs. We engage in ongoing discussions with school administrators and staff to ensure we are providing students with lasting development frameworks and the best opportunity to grow. 

  • "Who Am, I?": Understanding Identity, Self-Awareness and True Confidence.

  • "Pressure Makes Perfect": Effective Decision-Making Under Pressure, Personal Ownership, and Critical Thinking

  • “What’s Your Story?”: Personal Brand Development For Your Career

  • “Count It Up”: Money Management & Financial Literacy

  • “Power of the Pack”: Trust, Communication, and Team Culture

All sessions include pre/post small group Q&A session options and open availability throughout the day for informal conversations or individual meetings with students or student groups.


#3: Young Professional & staff training

We at Prime U have found organizations are now facing higher turnover rates, increasing time demands and responsibility, lack of knowledge transfer systems and limited talent pools. Each aspect can significantly effect organizational performance, revenue generation and employee experience. 

In response, we have developed professional workshops which address the needs of organizations and enhance organizational performance through promoting alignment, efficiency and development among young professional and new hires. We partner with human resource departments in order to provide engaging and effective opportunities for professional development. 

Prime U Professional Development Workshops:


Staff Professional Development at NC State University

  • Diversity & Inclusion:

    • Creating psychological safety within the workplace

    • Understanding identity, privilege and discrimination

    • Risk management and reporting structure

  • Professionalism Lunch & Learn Series:

    • Increasing self-awareness and self-management

    • Handling added responsibility

    • Critical thinking and problem-solving in a fast-paced environment

    • Developing emotional intelligence to improve performance

    • Effective communication within the workplace

    • Resolving conflict within your team


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