Athlete To Entrepreneur Series - Episode #3

Keep perspective along your journey, don't worry about what it looks like right now. Maintain focus on your behaviors and process towards your goals. Most importantly, remember to enjoy the pursuit! 

Athlete to Entrepreneur is a docu-series that follows Jarrod Barnes, former Ohio State Football player who now leads Prime U (, a company that helps students and young professionals develop core behaviors (self-awareness, critical thinking & problem-solving) and teaches marketable job skills. 

Prime U at West Mecklenburg High School

“You will never outperform your self-identity. When you know who you are and see whom you could become, labels and low expectations no longer matter to you”.

Prime U was on campus at West Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, NC, engaging a group of student-athletes on the topics of developing self-awareness and effective decision-making. 

 The first session of a four-part series, students will be going through workshops covering

  • Values-Based Leadership

  • Effective Communication

  • Personal Branding & Professionalism

The best is yet to come for this great group of students!

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