The Evolution of Prime U

A message from Jarrod Barnes, Founder, Prime U

Taking an idea called Prime U from a sheet of paper and turning that into a fully functional organization has been one of the greatest joys of my life. Working out of co-working spaces, coffee shops, subways, bus stations, Airbnb’s, and anywhere with a mobile hotspot have opened doors to priceless experiences. 

Thanks to the effort of our team, we successfully launched “the “Reach Your Prime Video Series” in February, gained international exposure in Australia throughout March, signed a long-term deal with GCU Athletics in April, bridged opportunities in the NFL and NBA in May and published our 1st set of Research-Based Impact Reports in June. 

We’ve received tremendous response and support but it did not come without an enormous amount of work and sacrifice from our team. We narrowed our focus and only dedicated time to things we believed were essential in order to create the best possible experience for the people we serve.

So we put the “Daily Spark Email” on pause - and apologize for the abruptness - but found that if we didn’t prioritize our lives, no one else will. 

During this period, came an unbelievable opportunity for me to join the Los Angeles Rams as a full-time staff member of their Player Engagement and Alumni Relations team. 

As of July 15th, I will be transitioning to Los Angeles and joining the Rams as the Alumni Relations Specialist. I’ll work directly with former players and oversee the Rams Legends Community, working to build authentic relationships, advancement opportunities, inclusive membership, and strategic impact on the city of Los Angeles through the Rams organization.

While I’m excited about this new chapter in my career, make no mistake about it, the evolution and expansion of Prime U will continue! Over the next several months our current team will be hiring multiple staff members in Research & Development, Business Operations, and Digital Marketing. 

Along with that, we have a suite of new online initiatives coming down the pipeline along with our newly redesigned Prime U on-campus experience. 

We’ve never been one to fit the mold, simply inspired to create it. 

To our team, Nic Redwine, Scott Woods, Andrew Cooper, Andre Vasquez, and Bradley Holmes, your commitment to the vision and mission of Prime U has been uncommon and truly remarkable. I am forever grateful for your continued investment and believe the best is yet to come!

A specific thank you to Coach Matt Thurin, Dr. Brian Turner, Jessica De Palo, Dr. Tia Dumas, Kaeman Mitchell, Jason Linders, Chris Everett, Alexander Martin, Ashton Henderson, Erica Cenci, Amanda Brown, Caroline Neil, Dr. Cory Buckner, Cole Henderson, Prince Moody, Rebecca Feickert, Brian Reynolds, Corinne Millien, Jeff Longo, Patrick Stack, Dawon Baker, Erik Price and all those who have supported us!