Understanding Career Transitions With University of Queensland Student-Athletes - Brisbane, Australia


On Thursday of March 14th, Prime U had the privilege of working with a group of student-athletes from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. The engagement with UQ Sport was Prime U’s first international audience, and presented cultural learning opportunities for both Prime U and the UQ students.

Jarrod Barnes shared his background with American Football while the UQ athletes shed light on the array of sports they compete in from the likes of track & field and swimming to netball to canoe-polo!


The presented content was “Understanding Career Transitions”, which offers a holistic approach to upcoming life changes that 4th-year university students can expect to experience. We emphasized the importance of being comfortable with a shifting identity, overcoming the post sport transition roadblocks, and how the UQ student athletes can use their transferable skills to take active steps to prepare for success at post collegiate lives.

A common struggle for the transitioning athlete maintaining confidence in their identity. We challenged the UQ athletes to describe themselves without use their sport. This thought experiment allowed the athletes to understand the difference between “who they are” and “what they do.”

To reinforce the idea of a strong self identity the UQ student athletes participated in a social media scavenger hunt. The students were asked to find an athlete and/or business figure that they aspire to be like. This allowed the athlete to have a tangible role model that they can follow and learn from.

A critical topic covered was transferable skills, also called non-cognitive abilities. Skills like; organization, time management, teamwork, learning from failure, and executing process goals are perfected through sports. We encouraged the students to be mindful of their principles, people, and place. Awareness of this process will assure that individuals find themselves in an industry that will foster their success.

Prime U’s P3 Pyramid to Designing Your Next Career Move

Prime U’s P3 Pyramid to Designing Your Next Career Move

We closed the session by encouraging the students to take stock in their futures and begin by asking themselves these questions.

  • Priorities - What is most important to me?

  • Routine - What is my consistent behavior?

  • Inner Circle - Who is pouring into me and holding me accountable?

  • Mental Health - How am I taking care of myself?

  • Expectation - What do I believe is possible for my life?