What It Means To Be Culturally Relevant: 5 Ways We Influence Learning

Pictured: Hip-Hop Artist, J. Cole

Pictured: Hip-Hop Artist, J. Cole

What does the artist J. Cole have to do with teaching financial management? Everything.

How we teach and train professionals aren’t only based on using cultural references but also in the science behind learning.

Here are our top 5 tips to increase audience engagement and learning:

1. Create an optimal learning environment. Background music, natural lighting, and seating where people can face each other for starters. The smallest changes make the biggest difference.

2. Retention is gained through repetition - share tools that can be used immediately and watch the engagement spark.

3. Create a balance between challenge and enjoyment. Too heavy, and you risk overwhelming the audience, too light and they won't take you seriously.

4. Embrace silence - allow the audience to share and participate as much as possible. The speaker is simply the medium between the content and the audience learning.

5. Get the audience moving! Approximately 15% of students are kinesthetic learners, subtle movements such as standing up and finding a partner to talk to can allow the brain to explore.

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A short snippet from Prime U’s engagement on Financial Literacy at the University of Miami