Money Management, Leaving a Legacy, and The University of Miami

September 13th, 2018

Another stop on the 2018 #ReachYourPrime Tour was at the University of Miami. During our time at UM we engaged student-athletes with a very real conversation on the power and influence of money. Leaning on the experience and expertise of our very own Scott Woods, we delivered a unique, high-energy, and practical session on financial literacy.

We began the session with a video from the rapper J. Cole’s song “ATM”, we discussed what messages our society sends us regarding “instant gratification”. We then covered basic financial terminology and used an example Team USA track athlete to showcase how much money one actually makes as an Olympian (not as much as you may think).

A majority of the student-athletes present were from UM’s Track & Field team, our examples and framework hit home as we concluded the session by providing a personal budget via excel document that had been preprogrammed based on each athletes scholarship and cost of attendance stipend.

Check out the video from the full session HERE!