Hampton Roads Tour - Norfolk State University & Old Dominion University

Norfolk State University


We had the opportunity to head down to the Hampton Roads this week to visit Norfolk State University.  It was a full first day as we spent the first session talking about personal branding. One thing we love in teaching about personal branding is in the area of influence.  Watching students come to an understanding what they contribute to online can produce opportunities outside of the online network.


For the evening session we spoke on self awareness and identity.  One of the students shared on how you must experience love in order to give it.  Opportunities were created for us to dive deeper into individual experiences and how their pain shaped their present purpose.  


Thank you to NSU Athletics for your support!

“Thank you Jarrod Barnes and PRIME U for a remarkable day with our student-athletes! Our SAAC was very fortunate to participate in a private session focused on personal branding! Our junior and senior student-athletes engaged in an interactive presentation about self-awareness and identity formation. It was deep!! Thanks again Jarrod!”

Ivana Rich, Assistant AD for Academic Support, Norfolk State University

Old Dominion University

Day two in the Hampton Roads took place at Old Dominion University. We delivered two back to back sessions on personal branding and shared the stage with Old Dominion’s Career Services Department who provided individual resume review following the session. The session was high-energy we highlighted student-athletes who were bold enough to stand up and share their “brand positioning statement” and elevator pitch in front of their peers.

Click HERE to see the presentation slides.

Thank you to ODU Athletics for your support!

“Thank you, Jarrod Barnes and Prime U for pouring into our young men and women tonight! Valuable lessons and insight as they begin their journey into the work force. You will be back!! To my colleagues in the student-athlete support field, Jarrod Barnes has my support!”

Ragean Hill, Associate AD/SWA, Old Dominion University

“We were very fortunate to host Jarrod Barnes and Prime U to speak to our student-athletes about the importance of branding and how to effectively navigate career fairs and professional networking! Phenomenal session with excellent student-athlete interactions! “

“It’s not about getting a degree. It’s about getting an education and using that to be valuable in ways that others can’t.”

Josh King, Student-Athlete Development Coordinator, Old Dominion University