Adjusting To PROfessional Life With Elon University

Regardless of what phase of life you are in, managing change and transition can be tough without a blueprint to navigate the challenges.

We had the pleasure of connecting with Junior and Senior student-athletes from Elon University and discussed what life with be like after their collegiate athletic careers. While this isn’t always the easiest topic to discuss, we broke down the highs, lows, and everything in-between when it comes to post-sport transition.

One of the highlights from the night was a short clip used from the movie “Creed”, showing the famous Rocky Balboa guiding Adonis Creed all the way from the locker room to the ring prior to his heavyweight tile fight. We then asked the question, “who is your Rocky?

Students outlined their “connection web” of supporters and forecasted potential fears or stressors that they may need support for.

To see the slides and videos used click HERE.

Transition isn't an event, it's a process. Each day is an opportunity for continued growth and development.

A special thank you to Brittany Tyree, who is leading an outstanding student-athlete development initiative within the Elon Athletic Department in the Phoenix Strong Program!