Time Well Spent with the Sycamores

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This week we headed to Terre Haute, Indiana to spend time with the Indiana State Sycamores and had the privilege of connecting with their student-athletes, staff, and coaches!

We started the day off by meeting with the volleyball coaching staff and took a deeper dive into the culture of the program. When speaking to the players we focused in on trust, culture and connection.  Culture only happens through connection. Connection can only happen with trust. The players were able to decipher how they see themselves is ultimately how they will be able to receive others. There was dialogue surrounding knowing their fellow teammates past experiences and being able to practice empathy.  

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After this, we were able to meet the men’s basketball team on how to maximize their time in college.  We spoke on taking practical steps to take advantage of office hours, informational interviews, and being involved in their community.   

We ended the day doing a Keynote on “What To Do When Your Best Isn’t Enough.”  During the time we addressed relevant fears, dealing with anxiety, and feeling like you are not good enough.  These are all things we feel, but do not always bring up. The success for the night was knowing the students were leaving with practical skills on how to address these feelings within themselves, as well as knowing when to bring someone in.  

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