A Day With The Los Angeles Rams


We had an incredible opportunity to travel to Los Angeles and speak to the Los Angeles Rams through their Rookie Success Program!

Every day each of us find ourselves in need of making decisions, but what about the surmountable pressure we can find ourselves in?  In times of pressure- you do not rise to the occasion, but to the level of your training. While this holds true on the field, it also holds true in day-to-day life. We teach our brain what to value. We engaged the LA Rams Rookies on how our values and principles help guide your decisions, which opened the door for practical conversation on topics such as dating, marriage, finances, and family.  


The participants were hungry for deeper conversation- which made our time that much more impactful. By asking the question “what have you pre-decided” we went into depth on not seeking validation, being confident in loving ourselves, and identifying who the real opponent is.  

Whenever we know who our opponent is we are able to create a game plan and avoid a losing situation by building in buffers.  

Overall the time was light hearted, yet purposeful.  The impact these men will make goes far beyond their ability on the field.


If you are interested in seeing the slides we used for this presentation click HERE.