Impact Measures: How We Measure Success

“We speak to the head and directly show how our content aligns with better performance, creating outcomes in the present. But what makes our message stick is our impact on the heart and the depth at which we follow up, consistently reinforce the message, and empower individuals to create change”.

Jarrod Barnes, Founder/CEO

Case Study #1: 2019 Los Angeles Rams Rookie Symposium

Case Study #2: 2019 Kansas City Chiefs Rookie Symposium

What’s The Follow Up? Here’s Our Process:

  • Phase 1: Pre / Post Assessments - utilizing both quantitative and qualitative assessments provide both the hard data and lived experiences of participants (gauging retention of information).

  • Phase 2: Impact Reports & Research-Based Recommendations - Organizations receive potential solutions backed by research and the data collected in order to combat common issues and themes identified. 

  • Phase 3: Post - Post Assessment - Participants receive a Post - Post assessment results collected 3 weeks following service (gauging use cases and behavioral change).

  • Phase 4: 360 Degree Feedback - Participants receive feedback from peers, superiors, and the Prime U team on demonstrated growth and behavioral change, acting as a personalized developmental scouting report.