Helping Individuals Become The Best Version of Themselves Through Practical, Relevant, and Intentional Training Solutions

What We Do:

Prime U is a team fully committed to investing in the holistic development of athletes, coaches, and leaders. We define and refine the best version of you. Teaching and empowering is our heartbeat.

We support that process with a unique suite of services which include: 

  • Keynote presentations

  • Full-day, immersive campus visits (providing the ability to work with up to 3 separate groups - i.e. staff, students, leadership group) 

  • Individual and small group coaching 

  • Year-long, curriculum based workshops

  • Multi-year, curriculum based workshops

What we do is always: relevant, practical, engaging, interactive, and easy to implement. That's our promise and the proof is in our work.

Content and solutions include:

  • Student and student-athlete leadership & career development programming

  • Team culture development workshops

  • Staff professional development & training workshops

  • Individual coaching for leaders

We are athletes, leaders, coaches, teachers, and mentors.

We are both dreamers and drivers of change.

We live and breathe integrity and authenticity because the world needs more of both.

Prime U partners with High Schools, Colleges & Universities, Non-Profit Organizations and Corporations to enhance the engagement, development, retention, and readiness of students and employees.


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What others are saying about Prime U:


Coach Urban Meyer, Head Coach, Ohio State football

“Jarrod is on the cutting edge in terms of concerns about the student-athlete…His maturity, his attention to detail, his big-picture thinking, and his genuine care about the student-athlete…I just hope we hire him at some point at this university, I love him. I think he is a great role model for a lot of our players. And not just our players, for all of college football. When he speaks, people listen”


Corinne Milien, Executive Director of The Winning Edge Leadership Academy, Former ESPN Producer

"I cannot thank Jarrod enough for helping me take my leadership to the next level. He was prepared every step of the way to challenge and help me understand my leadership qualities. His consultation not only got me ready to host our first ever Game Changing Retreat but laid the foundation to continue making a positive impact on the lives of future leaders."